The Fix for a Dog That Plays Keep Away



Does Your Dog Play Keep Away?

This video is all about how to fix your dog who plays keep away and how I solved this problem when Keeper plays keep away with us.
Leila and I love to play fetch or kickball with Keeper. Kickball is her thing.  She’ll kick the tennis ball out into the back yard.
He’ll fetch it and return and bring it back and drop it, and she’ll rinse and repeat that whole activity with him. He loves it.

Keeper  Tries To Control the Ball and Play Keep Away

We love to do that just as much as any other dog owner does with their dog. But sometimes with a bossy dog, the desire to keep the ball, yes, even with Keeper, becomes too great a temptation.  The game of play keep away begins.

You don’t want trying to have him give up the ball to turn into a game of cat and mouse, which is exactly what your dog or Keeper would love to do. Keeper typically does it after about three or four throws.

Play KeepAway Options if Your Dog Won’t Release the Ball

  • Assuming your dog is not tired after three or four throws, you could bribe him with a treat right to end the play keep away ?
    Nope, that won’t work because the game itself should be the reward.
    If you start using food treats, he’ll drop the ball and come back to you and get the treat, and then you’ll
    have to go get the ball.
  • You could walk away and end the game which then makes the ritual of keeping just out of your reach – pointless.
    Nah. Keeper will hang onto it and come back over and drop it at my feet, and then as I go to grab the
    ball to put it up until I want to play again, he may try to grab it and play keep-away with me at that
  • What totally works for Keeper, my very observant dog, very bossy dog,  and his ploy to play keep away
    Leila and I keep a spare ball up there on the washing machine or the dryer in the utility room. When
    we ask Keeper to go find his ball so we can begin the game, he’ll hop up on there and show me where
    the ball is.
  • We’ll get the orange ball and then we’ll get a spare ball. We’ll put that in our pocket.
    Now, he KNOWS there’s a spare ball!
    Keeper knows that I have my own spare ball and I don’t need his, when I ask him to drop it,
    he went back to dropping the ball to resume the game.

Now, I ask you, how smart is that? So he’s bossy and smart!  He’s figured it out though.

Give this a try with whatever your dog plays keep away with and see how it works. You MIGHT have to use a little imagination depending on what your dog “decides to own” but just give it a little thought and “outsmart” your dog  As always, with a bossy dog,  the best thing to do is develop a relationship with your dog through training.  Read this and learn more good training