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The Come Command – And The Dog Park



The Come Command and The Dog Park

Almost all dog owners really like to take their dog to the dog park.  It’s fun for the dog, gives him much needed exercise and we dog owners love watching our dogs have fun.

What you may not think about though, is being sure your dog will respond to your commands, such as Here or Off while in that amazingly fun, high distraction venue of the dog park.  BUT – it’s important that you get to the place will your dog will respond, for safety sake and simply to reinforce listenting to you.

This is the email I got from a client complaining about and concerned because his dog won’t  come very well and not at all when in the dog park.

My dog will not do the come command especially when we’re in the dog park


He said his dog is too distracted with his playmates to listen to dad. So I sent through the steps I outline in the video to help him teach his dog to come to him even when he’s playing in the dog park

Perfecting the Come Command In the Dog Park

BIG TIP: Make sure your dog is super reliable FIRST with coming to you around your house, front yard, backyard, and in the neighborhood.

Then you take him to the dog park. But in the right sequence

The Come Command Sequence and Dog Parks

Now, here’s the key. Don’t go in the dog park but practice outside the dog park, on a long line.

Make sure that you have food treats with you so that you can reward the behavior when he comes to you, and practice outside the fence, okay?

Use the dogs in the dog park, his playmates, as the distraction, and do recalls using the come command outside the dog park on the long line until you reach your goal.

You’ll stand a much better chance of getting your dog to respond to your come command and leave the park with you when you’re ready to go.