Review: Dog Aggression Over Objects - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Hi, our names are Miguel and Ana Salinas.  Mateo was having behavioral issues to the point that he bit my mother in law. We have a new baby girl and we were worried that this aggressive behavior continuing.

In specific, we wanted to accomplish the following:
Teach Mateo to “Drop it!” and don’t bite when he has an inappropriate object. Then not to pick up anything that is not his.

  • Stop Mateo from running to the door and leave if we did not hold him.
  • Get Mateo to come back from playing in the backyard with command.

We noticed changes while Jim was visiting with us for the first time. Mateo responded to the commands in addition to food treats right away. We were able to control him and redirect his energy.

The main two things were how to stop him before he gets to the door and get him to drop things that are not his. Jim taught us a “technique” that was worth the whole cost of the training program. We are very happy and excited to keep practicing his lessons.