Review: Territorial Aggression - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Hi, my name is Lori Latham and my dog is Maggie. I called Jim because Maggie was aggressive toward anyone that came over or anyone that would approach us, people or dogs, approach me or her when we were outside OR at home.

After I talked with Leila on the phone, as a first step, before I commited to do it, I already had a mind set change and I had a new understanding of the dog world.

That was what prompted me to go ahead and pay for the lessons and sign up.

After my first session with Jim I learned so many different things that Maggie, well, she became a different dog altogether.

But it was a combination, I think, of my mindset and my understanding of the dog world.  But also, Maggie’s understanding that I’m the leader of the pack and she’s the dog and she IS a whole different animal right now.  I am very excited!