Review: New Puppy Training - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

 My name is Jeri Wolff and I have a Bischon puppy.  I had a Bischon for about 12 years and he passed away recently so we got a a new Bischon puppy.

I called Jim because everyone I spoke to, including my vet,  said he was the best person to call for training.
I was very desperate because I was not used to having a puppy and our new puppy Budge, was quite a handful.
I called, as I said I was very desperate.

They got me in, Jim trained me, and he just worked wonders with Budge.  Jim was so calm with him and Budge responded to him and I didn’t hink Budge would respond to anybody.  He taught him how to sit, how to come,
how to stay down and he helped me with the biting issues and the nipping issues.  Budge is doing much much
better and I highly recommend Petiquette.