Dog Trainers: 

Ever wish you could easily ask a respected 30 year dog training expert a question or two about dog behavior that is new to you?

Or do you have a client whose dog problem is new to you, or too complex for your current skill set?

Grab the opportunity to tap into Jim’s amazing depth of experience, time tested tools and tips to work with dog owners to:

  • Train Your Dog with Tele-Coaching Help get their dog problems solved
  • Stay in control of the dog training lesson
  • Increase your skill set
  • Explore ways to increase your business
  • Learn how to handle difficult cases or difficult clients
  • Much, much more!

Want to expand your business? Want multiple streams of income?  

Learn from Jim’s years of experience in:

  • Training people to be dog trainers
  • Building and running the 1st million dollar pet resort in Houston TX
  • Dog Behavior Problems – my specialty
  • Board and Train
  • Private Lessons
  • Search and Rescue (past President, Lone Star Search and Rescue)
  • Group Classes
  • Puppy Training
  • Comfort dog specific task training ( i.e. seizure alert, low/high blood sugar, wheelchair work and more)

Jim can help you with all of that!  

Now you’re asking: how does tele-coaching work?


Here are your answers

  • A specific day, date and time is reserved for you and a call-in number and pin code is emailed to you.
  • You send Jim an email a day or two before the call is to take place with your exact questions in order of priority. This allows us to maximize the time spent with you on your call.
  • At the scheduled time, you call into the phone number, enter the pin code and Jim will be on the phone within a minute.
  • You spend your time having a conversation/training with Jim on the topics you wrote in about. Time permitting you can ask any other questions you would like.

No notes required.

Within 5 minutes of the call ending, you receive a recording of the entire tele-class delivered to you via email. It comes to you as an MP3 which means you save it to your computer and you can listen on:

• Your computer

• Your I Pad

• Your IPhone

• Whatever smart phone you own


How will I remember everything?

• The MP3 is yours to keep and you can listen to it over and over and make whatever notes you need to keep yourself on track.


Here are just some of the benefits

  • It’s a cost and time effective way to help you with any dog training/behavior, dog business questions or anything dog related that you may need.
  • Works great no matter where you live 
  • BEST OF ALL:  It gets you results – fast! 

The Cost

$77.00 for 25 minutes (one time only)  

$195.00 for 50 minutes

$275.00 for 120 minutes

Our refund/reschedule policy for these tele-coaching sessions is as follows:

Reschedule: 4 full business days notice not including day of call is required to reschedule and calls may be rescheduled one time only.

Refund: 4 full business days notice not including day of call is required to cancel and receive a refund back to your credit card.