Spring Is Here So Make Sure You Walk Your Dog, Not The Other Way Around

Taking your dog out for a walk can be a very enjoyable experience. At least it should be. Walks are a critical element in having a well balanced dog. Dogs need not only the exercise, but also the intellectual and olfactory stimulation of walks.

But if you have trouble with your dog pulling on his leash, you need to stop this bad dog behavior. You want to go in one direction, your dog wants to go in the other direction. Sound familiar? Especially if your dog is still young, you want to stop the leash pulling now, because he may outweigh you when he is fully grown. You don’t want to look like a tail on a kite when you walk your dog.

Try my 5 steps to better dog walks. While you can use training collars and retractable leashes, it is best to try other options first. Retractable leashes are largely a waste of time on big dogs, and really aren’t effective for smaller dogs either.

For this method all you really need are: a 6′ leash and a nylon buckle collar.

  1. While you are out for a walk with your dog and he begins pulling on his leash, simply stop. Become immovable until he stops pulling and allows some slack in the leash.
  2. The minute there is slack in the leash, praise your dog and begin walking again.
  3. Continue your walk until the dog starts pulling again, stop dead in your tracks once again. Remain neutral. Wait for slack, praise.
  4. Sometimes, if you simply stop, change your direction and start walking, your dog will have to stop pulling and try to catch up with you going in the other direction. This strategy will also teach your dog to pay attention to you when you walk.
  5. Do not let your dog go sniff and investigate whatever he wants. You must control the walk.

Granted, this can be time consuming. But, walks are so important to your dog, he will soon learn that when he doesn’t pull he gets what he wants. Dogs do what works! Dogs are smarter than you think. Do your part consistently and you will soon find that you can enjoy your walks and your dog will love them as well.

Be as comfortable with the trainer of your dog as you are the teacher of your children. And remember “Opportunity Barks!”

(C) Jim Burwell 2011

Review: walking the dog

walking the dogMy name is Wayne Phillips and  me and my family have a black lab named Onxy. 

We contacted Jim Burwell to get help with walking our dog  and responding to some simple commands like sit and down.

And after 3 weeks we’ve made a lot of progress.  Now, even my wife can go out and walk the dog comfortably, where before she couldn’t do it.
And we can get her to sit and down and stay pretty well.  We’re real happy with the way things have worked out for us.