Get Great Door Manners - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Teach Your Dog Great Door Manners

This is how I teach my clients to teach their dog great door manners!

This course is for you if:


You have to ‘put your dog up’ when friends come over.


Your dog is jumping out of control and scaring your visitors, ruining their clothes, etc.


You’re embarrassed to have your friends and family over for a visit.


You’re at a complete loss as to what to do.

What’s included:


Comprehensive ‘how-to’ video course that teaches you how to help your dog learn great door manners.


Easy Check Sheet you can download to help you stay on track.

Clients say…

“We got this course for training for our 9 month old dog. We wanted him trained on basic commands like sit, down and especially no jumping on visitors when they arrive and after they’ve been here a while. While we saw a positive change right away, there is an amazing improvement in 6 weeks of work! He listens and follows through on all commands. This course has given us the tools to train our dog not only now but for well after. My husband and I 100% recommend this course.”

– Ashley

Ready to teach your dog to politely greet your visitors?