Nose to Tail Puppy Training - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Nose to Tail Puppy Training

Learn how I teach my clients to HELP their puppy develop into the best dog ever!

This course is for you if:


House training accidents have you frustrated.


You don’t know how to stop the constant jumping, biting and nipping?


Your puppy gets the ‘crazies’ every day – what’s that about?


You’re at a complete loss as to what to do.

What’s included:


Comprehensive ‘how-to’ video course that teaches you how to help you puppy develop into the best dog ever!


Training Manual you can download for more information to keep your training!

Clients say…

“Jim’s course was instrumental in helping us with our new puppy – Snacks. This course emphasized that training is equally about teaching the pup as it is about teaching the parents. It helped all 3 of us learn the ropes of puppy training & we are so glad we took the course! Snacks is beautifully behaved and we feel that we have been given a lifetime of advice and tips on how to teach him everything he needs to know. We can’t recommend this product enough!

– Cristina

Ready to help your puppy become the best dog ever?