My Dog is a Brat! What Do I Do? - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

My Dog’s a Brat – What Do I Do?

How I teach my clients to turn their bratty dog into the well-mannered, awesome dog they always wanted.

This course is for you if:


You’re feeling like a failure as a dog owner.


Sometimes living with your dog is like having a teenager with an attitude.


Your dog is training YOU rather than the other way around.


You thought your dog would grow out of being bratty.


You want to benefit from Jim’s 30+ years of dog training experience on your own schedule.

What’s included:


A detailed, 13 video ‘how-to’ course to learn how to control your personal space, teach your dog to sit and down, use these commands to help your dog understand that making better choices still gets him what he wants, walking techniques, and so much more.


Easy Check Sheet you can download to help you stay on track.

Clients say…

I never understood about rules with my dog until your rules taught me how much my girls love to have that balance in their lives.”

– A. Freeman

We immediately saw a change once we stopped letting them make the rules! After taking your course, and practicing everything-every day, my wife and I are well on our way to having better behaved dogs. It’s all common-sense stuff, but sometimes it takes it being laid out in front of me, like you did, to realize what we were missing.”

– Shawn

Ready to take your dog from bratty to well-behaved?