3 Tools to Help Stop Your Jumping Dog

3 Easy Tools to Stop Your Jumping Dog

If you’re tired of your jumping dog knocking you down and keep house guests away, this first video in a 3 part series starts your off with explaining 3 easy, non-harsh tools to use. You’ll find yourself asking: “Why didn’t I think of this before!” The old “knee-on-the-chest” or pinching of the paws methods are harsh and they simply do not work. Why?

Your Jumping Dog Continues Because You Are Reacting to the Behavior  – Not Teaching Something Else

The jumping has already occurred and you are not teaching your dog what you want him or her to do instead.

If you don’t want a jumping dog – what do you want your dog to do?

These 3 tools will help you set your dog up to not jump in the first place.  The tools are not harsh, they are easy to use and you more than likely already have them there in your house and use them. You just haven’t thought of how to stop your jumping dog using these 3 things.