Stop My Puppy From Biting - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

This is Marion and Thomas. We have Maya, a Goldendoodle puppy (5 months).

Even though the cutest dog in the world Maya’s behavior clearly needed some adjustments.

We called Jim Burwell and asked for help. Jim came to our home and gave us simple, specific and extremely logical advice on how to train our puppy.

This included walking on a leash, not jumping on the kitchen table, not running through the house, not biting and so on.

We must say that after only 2 weeks we do not recognize our puppy anymore.  Maya turned into an obedient dog following commands and being well behaved.

We would have never thought that a dog could change to the positive in such a short period of time.

We think Jim’s methods are sensitive and highly adapted to the individual situation of the dog owner. Jim did an excellent job.