Stop Puppy Biting 1 Easy Tip - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Stop Puppy Biting with One Easy Tip


There are a lot of reasons for puppy biting.

They’re teething, they play with you like they would play with their litter mates, and that includes that biting.  Oh yeah, they use their mouth because they don’t have an opposing thumb to grab your arm and say, “Let’s go play.”  Puppy biting is a form of communication and engagement for your puppy.

One thing I do know is that your puppy  will keep on doing what comes naturally which is puppy biting and nipping– until you teach him otherwise. It just takes patience, consistency, and a whole lot of repetition.  Especially if you have kids that you want to include as you supervise them working with your new puppy.

Calm energy helps with kids and parents, too.

Let’s take a look.

Step One to Stop Puppy Biting and Nipping

The very first thing you want to do is to tether your puppy to a piece of furniture. It keeps him in the classroom and makes it very easy for you and the kids to step back safely out of reach.

Approach, ask for a sit, and then pet. If he jumps or bites, back away and repeat. You’ll notice that on the third attempt, she gets a really good sit, and then little Cooper starts licking instead of biting. However, it is short lived. Again.

Sit, good boy. Ow.

Step Two to Stop Puppy Biting and Nipping

Now approach again. When your puppy starts licking more than biting, you’re making progress.

Sit, good boy.

Your goal is to teach your puppy that, when he approaches humans, he should sit and not bite. Very good.

Hi, sit. He’ll keep testing you as he continues to learn. This is where your patience and your repetition comes in handy.
Get in lots of practice on leash with your puppy tethered, and make sure that everybody is consistent every single day in requiring your puppy to sit to greet before you pet him.