Stop Dog Stealing and Biting…

Has Your Dog Become The Biggest Thief In Your House

And Now

YOU Obey Him More Than He Obeys You?

There's a thief in my house   Scary isn’t it?  Will my dog bite me again? And then there’s that underlying feeling of being betrayed by the dog you love so much.  I love my dog, how could she bite me???

Meet Karen. She is a very nice woman who has a little Lhasa Apso puppy, named Mattie that is really quite a nice dog. Karen is a single woman and Mattie is her companion and her best friend.

They do everything together:   Mattie watches TV on the couch with Karen, sits at her feet when Karen’s working from home and of course sleeps with Karen, snuggled up over her head on the pillow.  It’s quite a love affair.

Mattie walks well on a leash, will sit for treats, and doesn’t seem to have “issues”. Oh, she might be a little “barky” at the window but that’s ok, it will keep strangers away.  And well, yes she does tend to charge the door when the doorbell rings but again that’s Mattie’s job right – to protect the house and Karen?

All was right in Karen’s world until Mattie took one of Karen’s best shoes and scurried off with it under Karen’s bed.  It just so happened it was the other shoe to the pair Karen was trying to wear to go to work.

So, naturally Karen bent over and reached under the bed to get her shoe, not even remembering what happened last time, when BAM, Mattie bit the heck out of her hand – and drew blood! Karen was astounded and she was also sick to her stomach that her little Maddie, whom she loved so much, would bite her-again!

How could she do that?  Doesn’t she love her?  Why does this keep happening?

The Denial Sets In, but the Questions Remain

Everyone at work kept asking Karen what happened to her hand and she was too embarrassed to tell anyone.  Karen bragged on Maggie so much she didn’t want them to know that her beautiful dog —– bites Her.

That’s when I got the call.

I told her,

We’re About To Change All That

At our lessons, I told her it would be alright.   I explained a couple of things: Mattie was not a bad dog at all.  Mattie was just confused as to who was running the relationship You see dogs think differently than we do.  Their world is a very black and white world and it all revolves around two things. Order and Control:  Who’s got it and Who’s First! The order and control is always about:

  • Food
  • Space
  • Toys
  • Love and Affection

In Mattie and Karen’s relationship, Mattie was pretty much controlling all of those things.  So when Karen went to get “the shoe” in Mattie’s eyes Karen was taking something that belonged to her.

It was like a light bulb went off over Karen’s head as I explained how many things Karen was doing which were telling Mattie that well— Mattie ran the show.

You could see the sense of relief in Karen’s eyes—-I can change this!

Here’s what we did:

  • Set up a step by step daily routine setting structure and leadership in place
  • Worked on obedience training which taught Karen that she was working for Karen
  • Put specific behavior modification training exercises into place to stop the steal and guard behavior.

Karen and Mattie Now Have The Life They’ve Always Wanted

 Well trained dog

Karen reported back after her lessons. She consistently did the work we talked about and she worked my plan every day.  Now Mattie is a much happier obedient dog.  She’s learned to drop things she picks up and there is no more hiding under the bed with the “perceived treasures”.  What Karen likes about the new relationship with Mattie is:

  • Mattie has quit being so hyper vigilant, she is more relaxed at home and is not guarding the windows.  She’s much less stressed.
  • Mattie has quit stealing stuff and taking it under the bed or the couch
  • Mattie does not growl any more at Karen when Karen takes things from her
  • Mattie now understands she “asks” Karen for things by doing a sit or a down
  • Mostly Karen just likes the fact that her lovely dog is back, they enjoy each other and Karen knows Mattie won’t bite her anymore.


Don’t Wait Any Longer

You CAN have that same relationship with your dog.

You just have to understand how dogs think and how you manage them. It’s not much different than the way your folks raised you as a child OR how you raise your own children. Someone has to be the leader and someone has to be the follower. In a human-dog relationship, it’s always best if the human is the leader.

 So Ok

Just How Do I Do That?

Article Possession, Dog Behavior Training

Article Possession

  • Take what you do every day with your dog and do it in a way that gives your order and control:   page 3
  • Controlling your space:  video link page 5
  • Maintain control in getting your stuff back from your dog:  video link page 7
  • Understand dog rules:  page 8
  • How to do 2-3 minute obedience training sessions getting your dog working for you:  page 11
  • Easy Daily Check List: page 13
  • Learn the specific behavior modification exercise of “drop it”:  page 14

I Urge You To Act At Once

Get back your relationship with your dog.  Feel back in control and have a happy and obedient dog

(Article Possession/Aggression:  17 page PDF and 2 embedded videos)

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