How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping - Jim Burwell's Petiquette



Do You Have a Dog  Jumping Problem? 

Frustrating and embarrassing isn’t it?  All your  friends have dogs that are well mannered and don’t jump. They’ve been to your house and seen your dog.  But you’re too embarrassed to ask how they got their dog to behave.



Dog Jumping Problem by Jim Burwell


 Jumping is a Big Dog Behavior Problem with an Easy Solution

There are couple of causes for jumping:

1.  Lack of exercise

2.  Lack of communications between you and your dog.


Lack of Exercise

Exercise is one of my key “fix it” ingredients for dogs that jump.

It is unreasonable for you to expect your dog not to jump if you haven’t given him a good outlet to burning off some of his energy.

Plus, if your dog is a really high energy dog, exercising him by going for a walk will not necessarily do the trick.

In addition to walks, he will need to burn his energy through interactive games with you.

Something like fetch or tug-of-war should do the trick.

Start a daily regimen of constant exercise to burn up his energy.

These games are really good for a high energy dog. This does NOT mean you do not still have to walk your dog. These games are in addition to regular walks.


Lack of Communications between You and Your Dog

Good communication means “good timing” in your communications. Timing is everything.

If your dog is doing anything you do not like, including jumping, it is important that you tell him instantly. Otherwise your dog will learn he can get away with it at least for a while.

That’s why instant communications is critical.

We are talking about 1-2 seconds or less not 5 seconds or more.

It’s your job and responsibility to your dog, to make sure he gets no attention from anyone including you when he is jumping.

This Training Tip Is key.

Maybe you’ve learned to turn away from your dog if he jumps. This is good but there should be more to it than just turning away.

You should put some feeling into your turn away. Fold your arms over your chest and in a disappointed voice say: “Oh no!

A Really Great Jumping Exercise

Include tethering in your “turn-away”.

Here’s how:

  • Tether your dog with his 6’ leash to something strong and approach him to pet. Timing here is critical!
  • Watch his body language. As soon as your dog even “thinks” about jumping, that’s when you turn away with that very disappointing “Oh no!”
  • Let me say it again: The best time to correct your dog’s jumping is before he jumps.
  • You will have to make many approaches to be able to perfect your timing on this.
  • Your dog needs to know that there are consequences to jumping and in this case it is you taking your attention away from your dog.
  • Repetitions will pay big dividends

Have patience. Do your training. Do lots of repetitions. Your dog will soon learn he will get attention (what he wants) “if” he keeps all four feet on the ground.

That’s a win-win.
Your dog needs a good “sit-stay”. Critical before you begin any work on jumping. This improves your chance of him maintaining a good sit and not even thinking about jumping.

You may like your dog to jump. That’s okay too. If you do, just remember to put it on a command and reinforce no jumping until you say, “Up!” or “Huggies!”

That way no one gets jumped on unless they ask for it!

Together We Can Raise A Happy and Obedient Dog

You got your dog for a reason. You wanted to share your life with a happy and loving dog. But now, your dog has big problems and life is not happy.

I can help you get that happy, well behaved dog back. We’ll work together at your speed and both you and your dog will have fun every step of the way