Stop Dog House Soiling 5 Easy Steps

I understand your frustration because of your dog house soiling problem.
Stop your dog's house soiling
It stinks, it’s ruined your floors and worst of all – it’s downright embarrassing.

Here are 5 easy steps that will help you stop dog house soiling.

Once you’ve ruled out all medical issues that may be causing his “accidents,” (e.g.; bladder infection) we begin.

Follow These 5 Easy Steps

#1. The Hardest Step – Change What You Do

The Root Cause of His Insecurities May Begin with You.  Too much unearned lap time and love and affection can send the wrong message to your dog leaving him to feel he needs to be close to you all the time. Marking his territory may be his way of dealing with the stress of you being away.  Added stress and anxiety comes when he gets corrected for his dirty little deeds.

#2. Put More Structure in His Life

Less stress for your dog will come with more structure.  This should include a job for him to do.  A job in life which simply comes from doing a sit for every thing he could possibly want from you. Make your own list starting with love and affection (given in moderation of course).
Other things for your “sit” list that he could earn might include: food, toys, walks, access to you on the couch, etc.

#3.  Temporarily Break the Cycle

Set him up to succeed by helping him break the cycle of his house soiling deeds with the use of crates, gates and leashes. When you can’t personally supervise your dog, secure him somewhere safe where he will not soil. This is a critical part of his rehabilitation.

#4 Reinforce Where You Want Him to Go

Get him back in the habit of understanding where you want him to go – outside in an approved area of your choice. Rewarding him for his good efforts will cause him to do it more. Praise and treat him every time.

#5. Give it Time to Work

Dogs can read your emotional energy so make a sincere and unconditional commitment to your dog to help him through his rehabilitation.

If you are sincere, he will know it. Pledge to keep him no matter what and help him succeed.

They say patience is a virtue. It took a long time for him to come to this place of insecurity. Give the steps time to work for him and you.

Have patience and be very consistent with everything you do every day in his re-house training. Know that he cannot succeed without your help. Believe in him and help him to be a better dog.

Thanks for letting me share my dog training knowledge with you.   Don’t be a stranger.  Feel free to chat with me below.  I’d love to hear your struggles about your dog soiling the house.

Remember:  “Together, We Can Raise a Happy and Obedient Dog”

Jim Burwell, is Houston’s most respected dog trainer for 25+ years, serving over 10,000 clients.  Jim takes the science of dog training and shows you how to make it work with your family and dog.  He gives you the ability to get the same great behavior from your dog.