Review: Separation Anxiety in Dogs - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette
separation anxiety in dogs

Separation anxiety takes work, but the training works

We were at our wit’s end with our Brandy when we found Jim.  I just googled “best dog trainer in Houston” and there he was!  Brandy is our older rescue Boxer girl who suffered from severe separation anxiety.  The fear in her eyes when we left her even for a minute was heart-breaking, plus she had unacceptable behaviors that we simply could not abide when she was left alone, even when left in her kennel.
When Jim had his first visit with us, he was totally prepared with written information for us to read and exercises for us to do with Brandy every day.   He was so kind to Brandy (and us), and she took to him immediately.  We were so afraid that whatever had caused Brandy’s anxiety was so ingrained that she might not ever lose the fear that enveloped her whenever she was left alone.  But  Jim was always positive with us and assured us that this problem could be overcome.  

Jim was very up-front about the need for us to follow his protocol and do our daily homework with Brandy.  Plus, he was available to us between visits if we had questions and problems which made us feel so much more comfortable with the process.
Our final meeting with Jim was today, and we could not be more pleased with the results.   Everything in Jim’s plan worked just like he said it would  and Brandy is a completely different dog than she was just a few short weeks ago. 

It’s just an amazing and wonderful situation for us all.   Jim is simply the best at what he does, and I recommend Jim Burwell’s Petiquette to anyone who has dog training needs.