Review: Rowdy Puppy - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Dog Training HoustonThis is Rishi Varma and our dog is Fenway who is an 11.5 month old Labradoodle.   We called Jim because
we were having some issues with Fenway responding to us when we called him, or jumping on people when they
came into our house, or Fenway trying to get up on the table or get up on furniture when he wasn’t allowed to.

Jim’s method after 3 lessons was incredibly useful for us. First and foremost, inclusion of our children in the
lessons allowed them to understand the stimulus response method he talks about and why it’s important
for them to understand the role that Fenway plays in the family and how they are actually on top of him
in terms of the hierarchy.

It was beneficial for them, it was beneficial for us.  We’ve learned to set up a rope where he stays
behind it when people come to the door, we have learned to have him not to jump on children or
get too excited when people come into the house.  We’re hopeful that we will continue these lessons as we move forward.

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