Review: Puppy training and being overwhelmed - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Puppy Training OverwhelmThanks to Jim I learned there is still time for life with a puppy!  I was feeling very overwhelmed by this little puppy we brought home and after just the first visit Jim taught me how to schedule-crate time, play time, training time and sleep time.

I can’t believe how much more comfortable she is in the crate (or how comfortable I am leaving her in the crate)!  And having her with me… she hasn’t had one accident since Jim was here!

And I feel like I somewhat have my hands and life back! She was immediately potty trained and I started sleeping again!  The next couple of visits we worked on walking, playing with my kids and deterring biting and barking.

Jim was so easy to talk to and worked so well with Abby and our specific needs as a family!  I wish I could have him here 24 hours a day, but he gave me confidence to continue the training beyond his visits.  I look forward to taking group classes and continuing to work with Jim.