Review: Puppy Biting - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

My name is Julie and we are the Parsons family.  We have a 9 month old miniature schnauzer named Carli.  We’ve had Carli since she was about 4    months old.  While she is very cute, her typical puppy behavior soon became quite annoying and in some instances painful.  Since we have 2 young daughters we knew we had to get the biting, jumping, and wild puppy behavior under control.  Besides that, we wanted to have a dog we could all enjoy as a family.

We started working with Jim when Carli was 8 months old and we’re happy to say we’re well on our way to a well-behaved and enjoyable Carli.  Working with Jim it soon became apparent that we, as the owners, were the ones who really needed the training, even more so than Carli.  Jim helped us see how critical it is to establish our role as leaders and through his techniques helped me in particular develop confidence in myself to take that leadership role.  In just one lesson Jim was able to help us solve some problems such as running out the front door when someone arrives or going upstairs into the girls’ rooms to get their toys to chew on.

Jim helped us realize that part of being a leader is establishing boundaries, actual physical boundaries defining where Carli is and is not allowed, as well as boundaries for acceptable behavior.  His techniques and what I call his “bag of tricks” are effective, safe, positive, fun and easy to implement.  Even our 3 year old can get Carli to sit and wait before receiving a treat or her food.  It’s so much fun to see Carli want to do things to please us.  Thank you, Jim, for training us so we can train Carli.