Review: Leash Aggression - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

leash aggression trainingMy name is Beth and  my dogs are Hugo and Annie.   I worked with Jim because they were unfit to live in an apt near other dogs.  They were reactive to other dogs and people when on leash.  With a lot of diligent work on my part from the homework and exercises he gave me and great support from Jim in between, I saw incredible improvement where they are well mannered, on leash, around other dogs and people.

I took Jim’s suggestions and, using the training techniques he taught me,  I was able to walk   my dogs at places where they used to react such as Memorial Park.

This last trip to Memorial  Park went well.   I worked with Hugo first.  He did very, very well.   Easy, easy to redirect.  Not too many dogs to challenge us.  He had little interest in the goings ons along the trail.  Now, the leash floats like air between us.  I had tried other trainers but not until I found Jim was I able to put the pieces of the puzzle together – with his help.  It was really not hard, it’s just no one had ever laid it out in such a simple, straight forward method that makes so much sense.

I would recommend Jim’s methods to anybody to wants to have a better relationship with their dog and invest in a lifelong friend.