Review: Fearful Dog - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

My story starts in November 2010 with the search for a dog.  What type of dog and do we want a puppy or a rescue.  We decided on a rescue Miniature Australian Shepherd.

She was shy and barked for a long time and then she warmed up just a bit.  The foster mom said she was not ready for adoption yet.  To make a long story short, I just thought about her all the time and in April we saw her again and brought her home to Houston to see how she would fit into our lives.

She is a sweetie and well mannered.  She is a fun dog BUT, walking was almost impossible. – she is fearful of strangers and especially other dogs.

We had a high energy dog before – a Jack Russell Terrier and I thought for sure that we could handle her – wrong!

In walked Jim Burwell into our lives.  He helped me get on the right track with her training and was very supportive during the first month that we had Chelsea.

It was like bringing a new baby home – NOW what do I do?

He gave me all the essentials handling skills and knowledge to get her started on the right track to being a less fearful, aggressive dog.  The weekly homework helped both Chelsea ME  make huge improvements with Chelsea AND me!  The homework was very doable and clear.  Jim’s email support was invaluable.  He simply had me take step by step till until both Chelsea and I lost our fear and could go on walks!   YES!

With his help we have made big steps in that direction.  We can now walk Chelsea.  He is very kind, and knowledgeable about dog behavior.  He is so tuned into dogs and good and patient in helping us learn how to help Chloe

Rescue or puppy he IS a great asset to have on your side when raising a dog.