Review: Dog Bites - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette
Dog Bites

Dog bites are a dog behavior that should never be ignored

I’m Judith Haughton my dog’s name is Sailor.    I called Jim Burwell because I was giving up on Sailor because he was biting me and he was peeing in the house.  On the other hand he was affectionate and loving with children.  I called Jim and Jim told me I was not giving Sailor the structured environment he needed.

He told me I needed to work on Sailor’s obedience skills, taking him on structured walks so Sailor learned that when I asked him for something, he gave it to me which taught Sailor who the leader is.  He also taught me how to teach Sailor “off ” when I wanted him to stop a behavior.

We worked over the course of 3 weeks and Sailor is a much better dog.  He has stopped biting me, he listens to my commands.  He also gets along well with my cat which was a big problem.

Jim’s program has given me a lot more hope that Sailor is going to fit very well into our family and be a great dog.