separation anxiety in dogsDear Jim,

Thank you so much for working with Brian, Sadies, and me.  The main thing we learned from our time with you is that dog training is primarily about training the humans rather than the dog!!

And the number one key to success is consistently working with the dog (and thus ourselves).

I had low hopes for our dog due to her astronomical level of anxiety that had developed into constant barking, jumping, and, eventually, aggression.  After the first visit, we had her sitting and  laying down on command.

After the second visit, I was able to take her on walks using the recommended collar and quiet command. She was so well behaved that I almost cried like a proud parent!

Several weeks after our last visit, we continue to see improvement. She waits by the door in sit until we cue her to come in and out of the doors. Meal times are a breeze now that she we feed her with a set routine, and food territoriality is almost gone by following your simple tips.

Thank you for all of your wonderful help and advice – you are the best!

Best regards,
Julie & Brian Albright + Sadies