Review: Aggressive Dog - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Aggressive dog trainingHi, I’m Meg Malone and my dogs are Shadow and Blue.  I called Jim Burwell because I was having problems with my dog Shadow, he was showing aggression.

Shadow nipped at the little 2 yr old next door and also showed aggression towards a teenage boy down the street.  So I called Jim to help me out with my dog’s behavior. She also had some bad fence aggression, barking a lot and digging in the yard.

Jim  came and we started implementing the strategies that he advised which included lots of structure for my dog, walking my dog and other strategies. All were easy to implement.

 Even in working just the first week I saw improvement in my dog.  Her attitidue, and bad behaviors were changing. This change will take continued work on my part. They are doing great – so much better that I know this works when I work the plan.

I am extremely pleased and my dogs are doing great!  I highly recommend Jim Burwell’s training program