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Hi this is Nick White we have an 18 month old Doberman named Jax.

He was territorial, showed aggression and snapped at strangers when he saw them.

We called Jim and after about 2 or 3 lessons we saw a huge change in him.

He’s now able to meet strangers without showing any signs of aggression

We had issues with him in the kitchen when we were cooking, and he is now trained to stay out of the kitchen.

He also used to bark at the front door when the doorbell rang and he no longer does that as well.  He goes into the sit position right when the doorbell rings  and we are able to open the door without him rushing up

Jim’s methods have helped up tremendously.  I’m really glad that we called him and I’m glad that Jax is able to act like a dog and be relaxed and stress free.

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  1. Jim Burwell
    Jim Burwell says:

    I wouldn’t know what to recommend you do until I had a chance to evaluate Sid. You would need to call the office and set up some private lessons so that I could evaluate Sid before I make a recommendation. I will say that Sid should not go into socialized play with other dogs right away. It’s a process. Owner involvement is critical so I wouldn’t ship him off to be trained.

    Give the office a call on January 4th once we return from our holiday vacation. Our office number is 713-728-0610.

    Happy Holidays to you.

  2. Kathy Hardy
    Kathy Hardy says:

    I have a pitt bull that is 9 years old. His name is Sid, we have had him since he was 4 weeks old. Actually he is my daughters dog. He was never socialized with animals except Chaos he really loved Chaos but she was old and has died. Anyway when he sees another animal he attacks to kill. It was and is a problem but we were able to keep him in the house or in his back yard so it was not really an issue until now. My daughter is getting a divorce and I want my dog to be with me because I do not like the way her ex is taking care of him. He is not abusive to Sid but he makes him sleep in the garage and stay outside and it is cold and Sid is not use to that. He is use to alot of attention and love which he is not getting. My daughter is not able to take Sid because of his behavior. I need to find a trainer that can socialize Sid with other animals so I can bring him home to me which I cannot at this time because there are other animals around. As I said before he is very agressive towards other animals and he attacks to kill. Can you help or is there someone else you may know that can help Sid so I can bring him home.

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