Review: Rowdy 9 Month Old Dog Learns Manners - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Hi.  We are Christy and Matt Farr and we have a 9 month old Doberman named Lee.

We called Jim because Lee was not behaving well towards me and he wasn’t respecting me,  I guessing because I’m the female and the smaller of the two of us.  We wanted him to act better around our visitors and we wanted him to walk better and overall be a better dog.

We used another dog training company before and we didn’t really get too much out of this company but in just one lesson with Jim, we saw a totally different dog.

He was more calm during day, stayed off furniture, respected us a lot more.

Second lesson we worked on walking, Lee was acting a lot better towards not noticing distractions.  He’s just become a much better dog and we have Jim to thank for it