Dog Training Success Story: Puppy Training a Goldendoodle - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

This is Peggy Gerst and we have Bentley who is a 3 month old Goldendoodle.  We got Bentley when he was 7 weeks old and it had been 20+ years since we had had a puppy but we knew we needed some help.

So we called Jim Burwell at Petiquette and asked for his advice and at 10 weeks he came out and we had 3 private lessons with Jim in our home and are amazed, truly amazed at Bentley’s progress and all that he’s learned.

We’ve had great help with understanding crate training which we had never done before and the benefits of a crate as far as house training goes.

He knows all of his basic commands now, he knows sit, and down and wait and place and he’s made great progress on coming and learning to walk on a leash.  And we’re amazed!  We’re just absolutely amazed at the progress he’s made using Jim’s methods and Jim’s training

We would highly recommend Jim Burwell and his method of training especially  if you’re gonig to have a puppy or an issue that you want to resolve he is extremely talented and knows a lot about dogs and answered all of our questions.

We are very pleased with Bentley’s behavior and we don’t have children anymore, we have grandchildren.  So having a well behaved dog is very important to us and we are well on the road to having exactly what we wanted.

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