Nose to Tail Puppy Training SYSTEM

Nose to Tail Puppy Training

Nose To Tail Puppy Training System

Our puppy training system is your blueprint for success! Your puppy comes to you as a blank slate. Your new puppy learns what the correct behavior is by asking questions and getting clear, consistent answers from you.

He asks his question by doing a behavior and then waits to see how you respond to that behavior. The behavior is their question—your response is the answer. A little like kids testing the waters to see how far you’ll let them go.

Will You Know How to Give Him the Right Answer?

If you answer his questions consistently and clearly each time, it’s easier to him to learn and the more he will learn about what you do and don’t want him to do. It all starts here. You teach him with correct, simple answers to his questions by correctly rewarding him for good behavior.

This begins to lay the path to a strong, positive shared relationship that’s fun for both of you. It really is the basis of all good puppy training. When you do this correctly your puppy “starts wearing his new behavior like a pair of comfortable old shoes.” It’s very much like we all learn. We tend to repeat behaviors that bring us the things we want and that we enjoy doing.

Just Like Kids, Puppies Need Limits

Puppies are high energy, all over the place little balls of fur. All this running around, getting into everything is simply their way of trying to figure out where they fit in this new place.

This means they’ll bounce from one bad behavior to the next, kind of like that little white ball in a pinball machine that bounces from stopper to stopper. This is a difficult, if not impossible way for a puppy to learn how to live with you and your family.

He needs limits and you need to understand how to teach him those limits. A puppy that is out of control is a stressed, anxious, unhappy puppy that will have behavior issues. A stressed, out of control puppy in turn creates a stressed owner, tension in the house and unhappy kids and spouses.

Nose to Tail Puppy Training SYSTEM

Puppies are just darn cute, but they are also a test of your patience. This test does not “take a break” just because you’re tired or stressed.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the responsibility of your new puppy. Like most of us, your day is structured with windows of time set for everything that needs to be done with little to no room for error.

What’s Your Plan of Action?

It all starts at the beginning, like most things do. It’s much easier to train your puppy correctly from the beginning, rather than having to go back and “fix it.”

There are predictable, common, but irritating issues that come up in daily life with any new puppy.

  • Potty training
  • Biting and nipping
  • Whining
  • Jumping
  • Barking in the crate
  • Stealing stuff

The easiest way to address these is to have solid, proven methods and a plan of action that makes sense and is easy to put into place.

Our Puppy Training SYSTEM Will Help You Get This Sorted Out

I’ve been training dogs for a living for about 30 years. In those 30 years I can’t even count the thousands of puppies I’ve trained. But each time I begin puppy lessons with a new family, each family’s journey begins—at the beginning.

This journey is a simple step-by-step plan with solutions to put into place to create an outstanding puppy.

The Nose to Tail Puppy Training SYSTEM: The Steps to a Great Puppy

Nose-to-Tail-Puppy-Training_FINALThis informative puppy training system will teach you about:

  • Bringing your puppy home – what to do and not to do
  • How to do potty training correctly from the minute the puppy comes into your home.
  • Easy, happy crate training. Use this to give your puppy a feeling of security and a place to go for some alone time.
  • Learn how to make your puppy confident in being alone. Don’t set the groundwork for separation anxiety later.
  • How to correctly socialize your puppy not only to other dogs, but people, sounds etc.
  • How to use feeding time to begin to teach your puppy to say please.
  • What to do to keep your puppy from chewing your stuff
  • Why how you correct your puppy will determine how he learns. Will it be from fear or with trust.
  • How to teach your puppy the “no bite rule”
  • Last, but definitely not least: Learn the # 1 key to having a well-balanced, happy puppy. The “secret sauce”

The dog training videos:

  • Stop your puppy from jumping on everybody, especially the kids
  • How to pick the right crate for your puppy for successful crate training and how to keep him happy when he’s in the crate.
  • How to use the door of the crate to help teach him not to bolt out the front door.
  • Easily teach your puppy to sit on command with a hand signal
  • Teach your puppy to lie down with a hand signal
  • How to make walking on a leash fun for you and your puppy
  • Get your puppy to come when you call him
  • Live in a high-rise. Using puppy pads if you have to

The six Puppy Training System bonuses:

  1. Bonus: Hour-by-hour, 24 hour, printable puppy potty training fail proof schedule. No more guessing if you’re doing it right! PRICELESS
  2. Bonus: How to potty train your puppy When you work all day since you can not confine them in a crate that long
  3. Bonus: What you feed your puppy has a profound effect on potty training AND his behavior. How to pick healthy, good food for your puppy. This is a MUST READ and most vets and breeders don’t tell you this—they don’t know!
  4. Bonus: How to help kids and puppies get along.  This is huge as kids tend to bring out the worst behavior in puppies.  Don’t set your puppy up to fail
  5. Bonus: How to structure your day with your new puppy so you have some time for yourself.  Having a new puppy is very much like having a new baby as far as consuming your time.
  6. Bonus: Make your backyard safe, not a death trap. Toxic plants to get out of your yard. You literally receive everything you need to train your puppy “Nose to Tail”

NOTE:  this is a downloadable manual, you must understand how to download files from the internet.  All sales of opened product are final.

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Together we can raise a happy and obedient dog. Contact us today at 713-728-0610. We’re ready to help!

What Our Happy Clients Say:

Thought you’d find the attached amusing. As your lovely wife will attest, I have been pulling out my hair with housebreaking the two pups. Thank God your CD and e-books came just in town.Nose To Tail Puppy Training DVD In one day, there’s already a huge difference. They even did a “down” next door with my neighbor and his chihuahua (untrained!) in attendance – with no hands-on assistance necessary! Impressive. Thanks so much. The problem was obviously me, not them. – Nancy Jacobs

 After bringing home my new puppy Wilson, I realized that I needed help with training my Cairn Terrier.  Potty training wasn’t going as I expected and his nipping was getting out of hand.  After much research, I decided on purchasing Jim Burwell’s Nose to Tail Puppy Training DVD. Why? Nose to Tail Puppy TrainingI chose the DVD because it clearly showed what I needed to know to help Wilson grow up happy and well behaved. The manual is very extensive. It goes over basic commands that any puppy should know as well as issues such as nipping and the dreaded potty training. The feeding section takes the guess work out of what to feed your new member of the family. It also contains sections on safety and what to do with your puppy when you are at work all day. The included video helps support the main points in the manual such as crating and basic commands. It’s nice to see actually watch the command being taught. In the video, Jim shows the actual training of a puppy that had just been picked up from a local shelter. Sometimes, the puppy refuses to do what he is asking—–so true to life! I learned that patience and a kind tone can go a long way in training your puppy. All I can say is that I have a well adjusted, sweet puppy that I am learning to understand. Jim Burwell’s Nose to Tail Puppy Training DVD has given me and my family the tools to help nurture Wilson into adulthood. – Sally Mouton

Thank you ever so much for the brilliant DVD!  On the third night I had brought my new 7 week rescue lab puppy home and was up all night with her, so I decided to research trainers in the Houston area. I came across your website and read an article about a lady who bought a new puppy and it hit home. She was dealing with everything I was going through so I called Leila  first thing in the morning and  explained that the  DVD includes everything that you use when you come out and see dogs one on one so I decided to purchase it and it truly was a lifesaver. I dealt with my new puppy crying, screeching, barking and whining whenever she was put in her crate. She kept me up all night for the first week but with persistence and a set schedule like you suggested, she ended up being ok in there and not making a peep whenever placed in the crate. She even voluntarily goes in there for naps which I thought would never happen! She’s great with sitting, can walk on her leash and knows what to do when it’s time to go outside. Every once in a while she will have an accident here and there but for the most part she is doing fantastically. Thanks again for the great advice on the DVD! I will highly recommend it to anyone needing help with their new pup! 🙂 – Fleur Sampath

 Hello Mr. Burwell Thank you for such detailed lessons. I am new at this sort of thing, but you (and your training materials) make it a real easy job. I think your DVD and manual are fantastic. Now that I actually have a puppy to work with, have been able to watch the DVD a few times, and have re-read the manual, now I’m beginning to better understand things, and the training materials have turned out to be absolutely EXCELLENT resources. They are extremely easy to understand and follow through with, and are clear and concise.I would highly recommend the training materials to other new dog owners and to encourage them to make sure their breeder gives them the DVDs. I am such a big fan of your training video. My new little puppy is well on her way to a structured and happy life, thanks to the training assistance that you’ve offered. They are really making training and learning a real breeze.I think I’m lucky, though, to have such an intelligent puppy. – Dave Moore, Proud New Puppy Owner

When I started working with the family and their new puppy, they showed me your DVD and explained the program to me, how their breeder gave it to them as part of their puppy go-home package. It’s the first time I have ever seen a breeder include a training DVD and package, and it is a fabulous DVD!I reviewed the Nose To Tail Complete Training Package and it was totally compatible with my training methods. I am SO HAPPY that the family had the DVD and written training manual to work with at home, to strengthen what I am teaching them.It is a fabulous DVD and training manual. I want to thank their breeder for being a conscientious breeder who really cares about the family and puppy. – Diane Podolsky, CPDT-KA – Westchester NY, Valedictorian Graduate of San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers

I live in Houston and had just gotten a brand new puppy. I called Mr. Burwell to be my trainer, but he was booked out for a few weeks. They told me about the DVD which I immediately purchased and it’s been a true life saver. I like the program a lot. It’s very clear and straightforward. It’s wonderful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Mimi Swartz

Hi Jim and Leila: Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am that I was introduced to the Nose to Tail Puppy Training DVD and that I added it as part of my puppy package. Not only do my families start their new journey as puppy owners feeling confident that they have the resources to properly train and deal with anything that might otherwise become a big problem, but I have the peace of mind knowing that my puppies will have proper guidance throughout their life to help them show their full potential and become good canine citizens. You have been great at answering my questions and it’s nice to know my families have a professional trainer they can contact if they have any questions. -Helen Small, Goldenbelle Kennels

After having purchased Jim’s DVD we now have all the info we need to raise both our pups to be great dogs. The info on jumping, leash walking and training on leash in the house is invaluable. We have one 2 1/2 yr old lab who’s definitely a challenge. It’s great to have this on hand when we (the humans) fail to be consistent and maintain the rules and need to get back to basics. – Patty Ransdall, Colorado

Hi Jim,  we don’t have our puppy quite yet, we’re just in the process of preparing ourselves for when we do (should be end of June, beginning of July). So far we’ve really appreciated the info in your manual, and the video showing “how to”. We want to feel as prepared as possible before bringing pup home! Our puppy has gotten a lot better in the last few days (though he still explores things mouth-first…something we’re working on and I think he’ll grow out of). – Janelle


You’re not alone.  Let’s begin this journey together




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