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 Solutions to Solve Your Worst Dog Behavior Problems


Ground Rules For Great Dog

Ground Rules for Great DogsMeet Rebecca and Max.  Rebecca is now totally back in love with Max. 

But, It Wasn’t Always This Way.  Max was a maniac! He would constantly bark at Rebecca following her everywhere demanding her attention by pawing her and licking her.

Playtime with the kids always ended with one of them crying because Max decided to use one of them as a play toy for his amusement.
Not to mention all the constant biting, nipping and jumping up on them. 

Rebecca’s neighbors had left numerous messages on her door and her cell phone about how loud Max was barking at the front windows while she was at work all day.    Click HERE to see how Rebecca got Max back on track.



Stop Your Dog’s Stealing and Biting

Dog Steals StuffHow to get your dog back under control.  Stop the stealing, hiding and biting when your dog takes your stuff, hides under the bed and tries to bite you when you get it.  Step-by-step solution.   Click HERE for your solution.






Solutions for adult or adolescent dog house soiling

Adult Dog House SoilingHas your adult or adolescent dog suddenly begun to poop or pee in the house again!  Are your finding little “presents” under the dining room table, or in the closet in your bedroom?  Click HERE for help