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Here’s What Dog Owners Have to Say


Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us regular doggie folks.  I am always amazed at the easy solutions your offer us.  You have made us much better doggie parents and our dogs are happier because of you.  B. Ray

Thanks for the articles Jim.  Every article you post is invaluable to me.   Lynn. S.

Jim, Thanks for your regular news and updates. They help keep me focused.   Jane C.

Your guidance has resulted in a happy dog and a happy home – even though The Dot is only 11 months old.   P. Clote

I am just soooooo happy to have met you on -line. I live in Southern California. Thank YOU so much, for the service you do for us.  Sincerely, Lisa S.

Hi all dog lover friends.  I read this guy everyday on email and just discovered his facebookpage.  He is the best and I highly recommend following him.  Janet Pounds

This guy makes a lot of sense to me!  Claudia Dixon

If you haven’t signed up for Jim’s newsletters and updates, I highly recommend that you do so.  I don’t know what too me so long but I did so a week or so ago and they are very informative. Thanks for all the great tips Jim.  Marie N. Meyer

 Thanks Jim, I really love all your emails and it is amazing to me how they hit home so many times. This one especially. We adopted a year and a half old beagle from Houston Beagle Rescue in June and she definitely wants to chase squirrels and cats. We will definitely be trying this tips. Thanks again! Cordially, Marie

 Hi Jim, just wanted to tell you how much I am loving your newsletters! I am continuing to work with Belle and Beaux and I find your emails so helpful for “refresher courses.” I really love having them. I am saving all of them for easy reference. I am still using leashes and have no plans to get rid of them. My dogs, who used to hate, hate, hate them, now want them on and they mind so much better when leashed.

Keep us the good work and keep those emails coming.  Best, Joyce