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Well Trained DoxenPeeing in the crate and constant barking were the focal points of a series of lessons with two daschunds – brother and sister.  They are so cute and aptly named from the Peanuts Comic Strip.

The dog behaviors of  peeing in the crate and constant barking were causing some rocky moments in the marital bliss for this young couple.  With their workload and busy life, the peeing in the crate and barking were an added stress that was taking its toll.

The daschunds were controlling everything and in the process the dogs didn’t know which end was up.  After explaining the value of leadership and related exercises required to curb the barking and peeing in the crate or house soiling, reports began to come in that things were progressing fairly – but only fairly.

The two little cutie daschunds were sharing a crate while Mom and Dad were at work. The wife was coming home during the lunch hour to walk the pups for their mid day break and was finding soiled bedding in the crate.

As I looked closer at their “doggie workload”, I began to focus on another possible cause of the ongoing barking and peeing in the crate, that could be causing insecurities with the dogs that I didn’t see on the first home visit.  The wife was doing 95% of the work – feeding the dogs, training the dogs, walking the dogs and cleaning up after the dogs.  The husband also pointed out that she was the “nurturer” of the dogs.

The daschunds apparently follow her around the house – not him.  I recommended they split the workload 50/50 sharing the feeding, training, walking and cleaning up.  And as importantly, limit the nurturing and pets and praises for sits and downs.

This pulled the hubby into the spotlight for his equal share of the leadership in the eyes of the dogs.  A new-found interest in “HIM” developed with the pups and the peeing in the crate stopped, and so did the shrill constant barking.  We did remove the bedding in the crate for a short period and replaced it with a thin towel a week later, following up with the original bedding a week after that.

I love a happy ending.  Hey maybe I should go into marriage counseling?  NO WAY, dogs are easier!

Be as careful in choosing the trainer of your dog, as you are the teacher of your children.  And remember —


Jim Burwell, founder

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