My Out of Control Dog Embarrases Me

5 Tips on Fixing Your Out Of Control Dog 

Clumsy attempts to correct your out-of-control dog, in public, is more often than not, worse than not doing anything.

Your wild attempts to grab and control your dog makes him think you want to play and your attempts to control go from bad to worse.

Sound familiar?

If your dog won’t look at or listen to you then I’ve got 5 tips to help you avoid that embarrassing public behavior.

Here’s the concept for changing an out of control dog:

You can’t begin to enjoy good manners in public before you first get good manners in your home.

I know this may sound strange – but only because you have not have realized the connection.

Getting your dog to listen to you at home first sets the foundation to get better behavior in public.

Here’s How to Fix Your Out Of Control Dog

  • Exercise your dog (2 times for 30 minutes)
  • Exercise is a known stress-buffer for both you and your dog
  • Train your dog (3 times for 2 minutes) – and teach your dog to “Settle.”
  • Working on rapid-fire sits and downs begins to get your dog to pay attention & listen
  • Teaching “Settle” is a good substitute for the down stay until he learns. Placing your foot on the leash close to your dog’s collar will get him settling more quickly.
  • Set expectations for your dog (sit for everything)
  • Putting this kind of structure gives him a job to do. He begins to think of ways (commands) he can get you to give him the things he wants.
  • Mentally stimulate your dog
  • Have plenty of puzzles and challenging toys (roller balls, Kong toys, chew bones, etc.) for your dog to figure out how to get what’s in – out.
  • Food check for your dog (go high quality & grain-free)
  • Make sure it is free of carbohydrates and sugar – increases excitability.

You should practice in your home first.

Once you begin to see improvement in your dog, listening to you and watching you, THEN take your dog outside for practice.

A Couple of Important Tips for Successful Control of Your Dog

Stay away from as many visual distractions as you can. There will be more than enough to distract him with things he hears and smells.

Once you begin to see a difference in his focus outside in your neighborhood, you could try the real public. T

Take him to a Starbuck’s with a friend. Keep him in a settle position by your side while you enjoy your vanilla latte AND all the compliments.

Together We Can Raise A Happy and Obedient Dog

You got your dog for a reason. You wanted to share your life with a happy and loving dog. But now, your dog has big problems and life is not happy.
I can help you get that happy, well behaved dog back no matter where you live. We’ll do private lesson in your home OR we can do private video lessons where geography is no longer a roadblock.