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Let’s Give Your Jumpy Dog Something Else To Do

You Do Know Nobody Likes a Jumpy Dog

Maybe, if it’s your dog, you do like your dog to jump on you after work and you’ve had a rough day. You may like it but other people do not like a jumpy dog.

In this video, I’m going to tell you how can have your cake and eat it too.  Meaning: let your dog know that jumping up is at the option of the humans.

Here’s How To Allow Your Dog to Jump Up On Your Terms

First, you do need to achieve a really solid sit.  Practice that solid sit using food treats until you get your solid sit

Every single time your dog runs up to you to jump, before he jumps, get a sit.  Calmly praise for a great sit, and then walk away.

Don’t linger as that MAY amp him up more.

Practice Calm Greetings as an Alternative To Jumping

You also should be practicing calm greetings when you get home from work or having been away from the house.

Use my five-minute rule: Ignore your dog for five minutes once you get home.

Now, if you don’t like the five-minute rule do this:

Use another timeline. Use this timeline: how long it takes you to go to the bedroom, change clothes and come out and greet your dog.

BUT when you do greet your dog, greet him calmly.

Ask for that sit and then calmly praise.

Walk away. The point is: excited arrivals promote excitement and jumping with your dog, while your calm demeanor will get your calm sit more quickly with practice.

Remember this: If you want your dog to respect your guest’s personal space and not jump, you must first get your dog to respect your personal space and not jump.

The practice all begins at home, with you.

Deluxe practice by calling your dog over to you and before he jumps, get a calm sit and calmly praise your dog and then walk away and rinse and repeat that as many times as you can.

If you have a family member that you can have call your dog back and forth from one to the other, when he gets there, get a sit, calmly praise, and then the other person call him back.

The more repetitions you can get in to show your dog that not jumping, but, instead, sitting calmly gets him what he wants.

Also– be prepared and watch for your dog approaching you, just standing there with no jumping.

That’s also very acceptable, too. If he’s internalizing no jumping simply by standing, that’s a win/win.

Now begin to practice the “jump ups” on your terms

You want to pat your chest as kind of a hand signal, and you want to have a word, a command word, like huggies or just simply up. He knows that when you do huggies or up, that’s his cue to jump up on you and give you that warm hug.

Make sure you get a sit to earn the right to jump up.   Earn the Hug First.

Now, in the beginning, it’s probably better to get more sits than jump ups. You don’t want to make that a game for your dog. You want to do some serious training.

He comes to you, you get a sit, good, then up, and that’s it, and then you do three sits, and then you do one jump up, and then two sits and one jump up, and then three sits and another one jump up on cue.

That way, he never knows when you’re going to say, “Up,” or, “Huggies.” It’s at your discretion and your house guest’s discretion, as well.

A Few More No Jump Hints

Once you’ve been practicing with your dog and you’re getting him to understand the concept of “sit, don’t jump” when he approaches, begin to practice with as many family members and guests or friends as you can just to help him to generalize.

Practice in many different rooms of the house so that he generalizes location, as well, and for better control of rowdy, high energy dogs, practice your training with him on leash in the house for much better control until you reach your goal.

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