My Dog Is Chewing Me Out of House and Home

 I had a phone conversation today with a person whose dog was literally chewing them out of house and home.  Chairs, couches, coffee tables – all destroyed by the dog.

I can’t help but wonder what, if anything, they had for the dog to play with and chew on besides the sacrificial offerings of their hard-earned furniture.  The dog was being left alone in the house because they were not comfortable with putting “Fluffy” in a crate!  Sometimes I’m convinced that some people should just not have dogs! 

I wondered about exercise, training and prevention with a doggie gate or crate – all clearly (by the end of the conversation) NOT in the big picture.  The energy in the dog could be partially managed by walks, a game of fetch or tug – all designed to burn predatory energy, give the dog novel sights, sounds and experiences, to process, while in the crate, while they were gone during the day. 

Obedience training speaks for itself by providing mental exercises to tire the other half of the dog.  All good stuff, IF one chooses to use it.

OK, I’ve blown off my steam I feel better now.  Unfortunately that poor dog is still getting the short end of the stick.  Set your dogs up to succeed NOT to fail!

Be as comfortable with the trainer of your dog, as you are the teacher of your children.  And remember–

“Opportunity Barks!”

Jim Burwell, Jim Burwell’s Petiquete

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  1. leila_admin
    leila_admin says:

    Start helping your dog get “structured” exercise and I would also check the quality of the dog food you are feeding the dog. You can not find quality dog food in the supermarket at Sams or Walmart.
    You need to set your dog up to succeed. Right now the dog is being set up to fail. Try and get a positive reinforcement trainer out to help you. Trust me, it’s worht it. Good Luck
    Jim Burwell

  2. Pam
    Pam says:

    My ex-dog was a chewer.(She’s a Australian Shep. mix). We tried a crate– it was metal- she managed to pop up the floor & walk the crate over to her bed,pull it in & rip it up. She was then put in a hall with lots of toys– she chewed up the woodwork & the 2 gates I put up to keep her in. She was actually better when left out downstairs, but still chewed rugs, more woodwork, anything she could find. We walked her, played ball before we left for work, did things to wear her out. After 7 months I took her to my daughter’s. She has 4 boys & that keeps her busy. She is able to go out whenever she wants. They use an electronic fence to keep her from roaming & it works. She gets lots of activity there, but is starting to ruin sheets, blankets & comforters now. She can open doors (with round doorknobs) with her feet. She is very smart & loveable in spite of her distructing everything. I was heartbroken when I finally admitted I couldn’t keep her. I also did dog obedience school with her. She was pretty stubborn. The teacher said she should be in agility class because she has so much energy. I don’t want her to have to leave my daughter’s. They all love her but she is being bad again. She doesn’t seem stressed when left, & in fact has another dog to keep her company & play with, but she starts zooming fast & that leads to ruining things. Suggestions?

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