My Dog Ignores Me When We're Outside


My Dog Ignores me outside



My dog ignores me when we’re outside and he refuses to come to me especially at the dog park. What gives?

He learned to come to me in that obedience class we took – but now it’s like he’s forgotten everything!

Not only are you frustrated, but also tad bit embarrassed right?

Today I am going to teach you about one critical reason you’re not getting the results you want when you call your dog.

It’s a mistake most people make when training their dog — mostly because in a group class it’s not really talked about that much.

But it truly is critical. One day it could save your dog from harm.  Here’s your video

One of the training scenarios I always go over with my clients is what I like to call the Power of 6 in dog training.

This is an easy formula to include with your dog training and I take you through this step by step in this article:  The Power Of Six

Be sure to read it and let me know if you have questions. I read each and every comment and I enjoy having you all add your thoughts to the conversation.

Remember, the question you ask must just help another frustrated dog owner.

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