My Dog Growls- What's It Mean

When dog owners say “my dog growls and I don’t know what it means, I ask them to look at their dog’s growl in a more positive note as opposed to thinking their dog is aggressive.

In reality most dogs, do Not want to bite or fight, and a growl is part of the vocabulary they use to let another dog or you understand what is going on.

Dog’s don’t tell us in words what is bothering them. They use their body language and vocal sounds to let us know what is going on.

Listen to your dog. Understand what his growl means. He simply may be trying to let you know he needs more direction from you because he is unsure of what to do, so you get a growling dog.

Maybe another dog or person is too close. Understand what your dog is saying to you when he growls.

It will greatly help your dog training and your relationship with your dog if you look at growling for what it really is and what your dog really means.

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