What A Puppy Needs


Adding a Puppy to the Family

Means Your Schedule Just

Went Out The Window


As a mom you must schedule everything in your day in time slots or  “windows of time”   and your new puppy has definitely complicated your schedule.

Puppy Training Sinc

Now, even more than before, you’re in a constant state of regrouping when things go wrong.


You’re thinking: “What can I change for next time, are there mistakes that can be corrected by my actions.”


You’re probably also feeling a sense of guilt about the amount of time your have your puppy in the crate. 


You see this pent up energy that needs to escape and you feel kenneling her is not helping that happen.


After all, she is another family member that has needs and those needs must be factored into your schedule.


Things can improve greatly because with planning, problems can be controlled.


You can easily learn how to structure your day to have success with your puppy’s behavior, schedule exercise and training

AND still have time for you with these simple, fast trainer tips I have for you!