Marley & Me - 23 different dogs used - how's that for dog training

I’m thinking about seeing Marley & Me when it comes out this Christmas.

I’m also thinking it might be a good movie for people to see if they are considering getting a new puppy or dog.  It’s a great reminder of the huge responsibility and time commitment that comes with getting a new puppy or dog, as well as what can happen if you don’t make the commitment to raise/train your dog or puppy correctly.

Let’s take a look at some preventative measures.  I know you’ve all heard them before but nonetheless, it might be good to reflect on these to see if you are covering all your bases:

  1. Always crate train new puppies and dogs
  2. Interrupt inappropriate behavior with an “ah, ah”, then redirect to appropriate behavior and praise them for that behavior.  As an example, when your puppy or dog picks up any inappropriate article, such as maybe your cell phone, you say “ah, ah”, give him an appropriate article to chew on and say, “Good boy!”
  3. Give your new dog or puppy plenty of exercise –  that’s walking with you – NOT just playng in the back yard.  Use equipment that is easy on, or good to the dog like the Gentle Leader or Easy Walk Harnesses.
  4. Incorporate training into your life with your dog.  An easy way is to require your puppy or dog to earn everything by at least doing a sit.
  5. Be observant of any potential behavior that might be surfacing and nip it in the bud with behavior modification training.  If necessary, get with a competent, positive reinforcement trainer for some tips.

If you decide to Marley & Me, take notice of Marley’s inappropriate behavior and mentally walk through what you would do differently to prevent the bad behavior in the first place or fix it. Most of all, enjoy the movie.

And, hey, if you’re alive out there—-leave me a comment 🙂

Jim Burwell, Jim Burwell’s Petiquette