How To Leash Train Your Puppy

It can be very frustrating trying to leash train your puppy. Especially when your new puppy absolutely refuses to walk on a leash with you.

That puppy butt hits the ground, front legs go out in front like brakes. As far as he’s concerned there will not be any leash training for him!

If you think it’s hard to leash train your puppy, I’m going to show you some very simple steps to get your puppy walking on a leash.

One caveat here: make sure your vet is okay with taking him outside in front of your house and on the sidewalk. Respect your vet’s wishes as to where your puppy should be on vaccinations.

Leash Training My Puppy

We are going to go thru 2 steps to leash train your puppy.

We begin with developing a consistent puppy training exercise so that you can get your puppy comfortable with being on a leash and collar.

I’m going to teach you the exact steps to take to leash train your puppy

We start in the home with some simple exercises, then we go outside to the back patio and then when he’s ready we go out to the driveway and sidewalk.

Remember to never push your puppy past his comfort level. When you leash train your puppy you want to make it fun, easy and safe for him. The easiest was to do this is by keeping his focus on you, keeping your voice happy and make sure he’s rewarded for doing what you ask.

Ready to positively and successfully leash train your puppy?  Then click on the video below.

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Together We Can Raise A Happy and Obedient Dog

Be sure to ask your question below.  I’m sure there are many puppy owners with the same question and I am happy to help.

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