Laser Lights and Dog Problems - Jim Burwell's Petiquette

They Didn’t Know Laser Lights Would Start Her Dog Problems


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It started as the most innocent of games.

They just wanted to play with their 2 yr. old high energy lab, Jessie.

It was a fun game to play with Jessie until the “new wore off” and it was no longer fun for them.

But, for Jessie it was another matter. Now what?

Laser Lights to Shadow Chasing

After the kids lost interest Jessie kept looking for the illusive beam. Not finding it she found a substitute attraction.

This was just as much fun. There it was lurking in the moving shadows cast by the sunlight through the tree in the backyard.

The more the wind blew, the more the shadows moved. She became obsessed. Her routine was to stare at shadows and chase them.

This then progressed to wall shadows in the house where she just stood and stared waiting for a move that never happened.

As I said, no fun for the kids anymore and her obsessive behavior was a big pain, so they turned her over to a pure breed rescue.

Nice Dog Bad Behavior

Just so happened, one of my past clients took more than an interest in Jessie despite her odd quirk.

I was asked to give an opinion prior to adoption and your guessed it, Jessie was a shadow watcher or should I say a shadow stalker.

Jessie also had a high prey drive and loved to fetch tennis balls unless a shadow showed up offering a more exciting game!

I told her Jessie shows lots of promise for training and ridding her of her OCD behavior.”

Right then and there she was adopted and it was training time.

Problems and Solutions

The only real problem Jessie had was with shadows. She didn’t jump, her house manners with humans was perfect.

She learned her obedience commands. We bought a dog whistle at PetsMart and began to whistle train her for the come command.

She loved the whistle and turned on a dime to come. She was earning her way through life with sits, and loving it all the way, in her new home.

The Dog Behavior Problem We Discovered Next

We finished working outside on the come command with the whistle and as we came inside, my client turned off the lights and I asked, “Why?” It was because of the shadows.

I suggested that we leave the lights on and try the silent dog whistle to break her “trance-like” state.

At the same time we would call her to us away from the shadow. It worked like a charm!

Every light in every room presented different shadow effects that silently called to Jessie. They also presented new training opportunities.

Paying Close Attention to The Dog’s Issues

The key was to pay close attention to Jessie.

The drill: The minute she noticed a shadow (and before she got fixated) we did a “Whistle-back” recall (come command).

This took her away from the shadows.

Once Jessie completed the come command we did many repetitions of sits and downs.

As you already guessed, Jessie is starting to put it altogether.

My client told me that on many occasions Jessie has noticed a shadow and looked at her almost as if she knows what’s coming next.

You guessed it: The Whistle-back recall!

Jessie is turning the corner.

Now Jessie’s favorite game is fetch the tennis ball even through the shadows in the backyard and get whistled back for a treat!

Don’t give up if your dog has an obsessive compulsive behavior. You can find a way to help your dog through his dog problems and return to a more normal state of mind.

Together We Can Raise A Happy and Obedient Dog

You got your dog for a reason. You wanted to share your life with a happy and loving dog. But now, your dog has big problems and life is not happy.

I can help you get that happy, well behaved dog back. We’ll work together at your speed and both you and your dog will have fun every step of the way