I’ve got a jumpy dog – Easy Fix

 Nobody Likes a Jumpy Dog

If you’ve got a jumpy dog then you want to know what’s the solution?

Well, teach your dogs to do something else. What is that something else?

An easy solution might be to teach your dog to sniff something else other than try to jump up and sniff your face, and that could be your hand. Like that.

Hands could be down by your side, where your dog can’t jump.

How To Easily Teach Your Jumpy Dog an Alternative

How do you teach them to touch your hand instead of jump at your face? It’s real easy. Just extend your hand.

When your dog sniffs it out of curiosity, you simply say, “Good.” Treat your dog. Extend your hand. He noses it. “Good.” Treat your dog. “Good.”

Treat your dog. Like that. Once your dog starts doing that, and you can anticipate he’s going to touch it when you extend your hand, put the word touch on it so you have a cue word. Okay?

“Touch.” He touches it. “Good.” Treat. “Touch.” “Good.” Treat. Now, your hands are by your side. You come home from work.

You drop your hand down, and you say, “Touch. Good.” Treat. Oh, yeah. That reminds me.

You got to have maybe a biscuit in the garage or your car so that you can bring it in and be prepared to reward your dog for sniffing your hand, keeping four on the floor.

That’s a really simple way to teach your dog not to jump.  Be consistent and it will stop your jumpy dog from being a pest.


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