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In Home Dog Training Houston

In Home Dog Training in Houston, TX

a well behaved dog = a happy you!


Jim has completely changed our life.

Our 6 year old boxer/pit mix Nala had a lot of issues with other dogs… to the point where we could no longer walk her for fear she would see another dog. So we hired Jim and his training and guidance has changed Nala’s attitude in just six one-hour lessons over the past month and a half. We take Nala with us everywhere now!

I would recommend Jim to anyone. He is such a pleasure to work with, has a great attitude, and sure knows how to train dogs with a positive and loving methodology. Thanks so much Jim!”

~ Brett J. Donnelly

The Benefits of Customized In-Home Training

All dogs learn where you teach them. Behavior problems that develop in your home should be addressed in your home for best results. Group training methods simply can’t come close:


In a board & train setting, your dog is taught basic commands like sit, down and come when called – there is no provision of behavior modification exercises to solve the problems you have going on in your home.


In group classes, trainers teach sit, down, come… Most are not experienced to fix deeper behavior challenges.


In group class at a big box store, you’re left with having to figure out how to apply what you’ve learned in class to fix your dog’s issues at home – if any of it even applies at all. You’re likely to be left even more frustrated and confused.


Dog training in the home allows me, the trainer, to get a first-hand look at the issues with your dog’s behavior: where you live and where the behavior most frequently happens.


When you are directly involved in the training process, you gain the opportunity to create a “communication channel” with your dog and a much stronger bond.

This changes everything, and makes all the difference in forming a real bond with your pet, which creates a more confident dog and a happier you!

Think smart.
Take charge.
Train your dog in your home with Jim’s expert guidance.

In Home Options

we have you covered for in home dog training.

In Home Obedience Training

Obedience training enables your dog to make better choices on “how” he gets what he wants in a way that works for you. Teaching good manners in the home translates to a better dog all around and a happier you.

In Home Behavior Training

Nuisance behaviors can range from chewing your stuff, and barking at the front door, to more severe issues like separation anxiety, aggression, fear, and more.  They are best addressed first in the home – a safe, controlled environment.

In Home Puppy Training

Until your puppy is a certain age and appropriately vaccinated, it is not in his best interest to take him or send him somewhere to be trained. We work with you in your home to get your puppy off on the right foot.

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