Ground Rules for Great Dogs

You Got Your Dog For A Reason. You wanted to share your life with a happy and loving dog.

But Now Your Dog Has Big Problems and Life is Not Happy

I Can Help You Get That Happy Dog Back.

Meet Rebecca and Max. She always loved Max.  She now also loves his behavior.
Rebecca heads home after work with her 2 young kids in tow.  Max is there sitting by the front door, butt wiggling on the floor from his massive tail wagging back and forth.

He sits and waits for his hello scratch and head kiss from Rebecca and both kids. The kids easily and happily leash Max up and do “rock, paper scissors” over who gets to walk Max on his leash for the first half of his walk.

Rebecca and the kids are delighted in every “Max is so well-behaved” comment from their neighbors. Afterward, Max patiently waits in the kitchen for Rebecca and the kids to finish their meal. When it’s his turn, Max then trots over to his dish, sits and waits for his meal to be served.  Playtime is full of happy laughter, tumbles with a big furry dog.  Rebecca’s family enjoys their calm, happy and stress free life with their beloved Max. Ground Rules for Great Dogs

  But, It Wasn’t Always This Way

Max was a maniac! He constantly barked at Rebecca following her everywhere.  He demanded her attention with constant pawing, jumping and licking. Playtime with the kids always ended with at least one of them in tears due to Max’s “over enthusiasm”.  Nearly every interaction with Max included some nipping, jumping or playful biting of their clothes or arms. Rebecca’s neighbors complained about how Max’s loud barking.  Max also displayed these behaviors: 

  • Damaging/Destroying furniture
  • Constant licking
  • Counter surfing
  • Demanding constant attention
  • Snarling at the kids if they tried to get him off the couch
  • Guarding the front door and windows
  • Jumping all over guests
  • House soiling
  • Constantly in their space and laying on them
  • Tearing up papers, toys etc.
  • And much more

Rebecca Was At The End of Her Rope

Rebecca couldn’t just get rid of Max—-They all loved him!   BUT – they had had enough!  Putting him outside only made things worse. . Obedience training at the big box store  did absolutely no good. Max refused to cooperate.  Rebecca knew that Max was not a happy dog. She felt overwhelmed and at a loss.

How Do I Fix My Max?

Rebecca’s non-stop frustrations came to a boil.   That’s when she turned to the Ground Rules Program. Her first words to me were: We love our dog Max.  We spent a lot of time choosing what we thought would be a great dog for the family. Every day, the trouble starts, even before breakfast.  Max’s obnoxious behavior, the jumping, not listening and more. We can’t live with him like this. We’ve all had enough of this terrible behavior.  Help!

Here’s What I Did:

I quickly and easily shared with Rebecca that Max needed a System to navigate his world – just like we do and just as children do! Max Needed:

  • Rules (what he could do and what he could not do)
  • Boundaries (where he could and could not go)
  • Behaviors he could do that were okay instead of the old behavior

Rebecca Quickly Learned To:

  • Guide Max to the desired behavior
  • Manage his energy
  • Put more structure in his life
  • Give him the system structure to succeed

Remarkable Results

Rebecca and her family took back control of their home life.  They all began to see “a new Max”.

  • Max stopped acting stressed and anxious
  • Max stopped his pawing for constant attention
  • Max stopped jumping and nipping at the children and guests
  • Max stopped invading everyone’s personal space


The Best Part

The “fix” is easy!   Why the system works: We all have systems to get things done. You have a system for doing your job correctly and successfully. You have a system of paying your bills, driving to work, cooking your favorite dish. These systems make your world easier to navigate and to reproduce success after success. Your dog has a system, BUT, it’s a system that works for him as a dog, NOT a dog living with you, in your home. Teach him the system of ground rules on how to do that successfully and you have a great dog! There were no added pressures or constraints on Rebecca’s already full responsibility list. She just put the system into place to achieve better results.  She felt the system has brought her and the kids closer to Max and they have developed a really great relationship with him. All of this was a language that Max understood.

How About You?

Are you frustrated that no matter what you try to do with your dog, the behavior doesn’t change?  Maybe it even gets worse? Right now, you’re seeing NO results for your hard work. All of your work is getting you nowhere. Wouldn’t you prefer calm behavior over stress and anxiety from your dog? Wouldn’t you like your dog to behave in your home and around guests? Close your eyes and picture a stress-free, no-chaos life with your dog. Would you like to make that picture a reality?

Ground Rules for Great Dogs is the System that can make that stress-free and no-chaos life with your dog come true!


Here’s what clients say about this easy System:


Ground Rules for Great DogsJim: Things have been improving noticeably over the past month. Based on your helpful suggestions, we immediately switched foods to a higher quality kibble, required sits/downs for everything, and disallowed access onto the couch for a few days completely until they understood they needed to be asked onto the couch before it was ok. I can tell you that we immediately saw a change the moment we stopped letting them on the couch at their leisure. It was as if a switch snapped in their brain that they didn’t run the house. Our dogs are medium-large and young (1yr and 75lbs and 1.5 yrs and 50lbs), so it can be interesting at times…and sometimes frustrating 🙂 Your Ground Rules for Great Dogs, after reading through it, is all common-sense stuff, but sometimes it takes it being laid out in front of you, like you did, to realize what you were missing. My wife and I are well on our way to having better behaved dogs.  Shawn

Hi Jim, I can’t believe it either…she is definitely a dominant dog and I’m pretty shocked she is going along with this. I can’t wait to do the other things…I haven’t even read the whole thing yet!!! She’s even “looking” at me more…it that makes sense.  Seeing progress in like 3-4 days is a miracle. It motivates me to keep going. Yes, you can use my name anytime!! I will keep you informed of our progress. I’m excited and I hope this keeps working.Thank you guys!!!!! Missy Smith


“I never understood about rules with my dog until your rules taught me how much my girls love to have that balance in their lives.  A. Freeman

My dogs had taken over my life. I couldn’t have people over, they absolutely wore me out trying to get them to behave, they had begun peeing in the house.  I was a mess and so were they. Once I understood how to just step back, take a deep breath and methodically put these ground rules into place, the change in my dogs was astounding.  I jokingly asked Jim where my dogs went to and who are these lovely dogs living in my home. The best part- I feel so much better and we’re all a lot happier. L Marsh

The change with this was a combination, I think, of my mindset and my understanding of the dog world. But also, Maggie’s understanding that I’m the leader and she’s the dog and she IS a whole different animal right now. I am very excited! J. Alban

I think we’re making good progress…Jake is responding to the routine and both Joanie and I are much more comfortable dealing with him now that we have a map. P. James


These are the exact same instructions and “how to’s” I give to clients when I do private lessons in their homes. 

Watch and listen to Lisa, a devoted “cat person”  who rescued little Spanki.  Spanki. a rambunctious terrier, had no manners what so ever! Listen how Lisa used Ground Rules for Great Dogs to get Spanki on the right track.

If your bratty dog has you at your wit’s end and you can’t control him

This is Exactly What You’ve Been Looking For


What’s Inside this Easy-To-Use Program:

Comprehensive, downloadable E-Book step-by step, take action course for you and your dog:

    • How dogs think and why that’s important to how you teach them to live with you. (pages 1-2)
    • How to set the boundaries in your home and your personal space for your dog to respect.  (pages 3-5)

The heart of the course:

  • How to positively teach the rules of living together so there is no stress, there is no anxiety just love, and respect. (pages 6-17.)
  • Easy Check List so you don’t forget any steps.  pages: 18-19


  • First  video teaches you easy, no extra work ways to show your dog how to respect your boundaries.  Teach them how to respect your personal space and learn to lay calmly on the floor by your side.  No more jumping all over you or your guests.
  • Second  video teaches your dog the importance of and fun of looking to you for their needs. Not making that decision on their own. The best part, you use their feeding times to teach this. So easy your kids can do it!

Obedience Training: Included is the complete fundamentals of obedience. When you are working on changing a dog’s behavior you teach for what you want your dog to do instead of him doing the bad behavior. This will help you do that.

But That’s Not All, It Keeps Getting Better

You’ll also receive:

  • BONUS:Your critical and invaluable report on the proper food to feed your dog. What you feed has a profound effect on your dog’s behavior.
  • BONUS:The essential Activity Tracking Worksheet to keep you on track of your new activities you put into place to help your dog
  • BONUS:  An MP3 of the entire course is included.

This complete package allows you multiple ways to consume this solution-packed powerful course.

You’ve Waited Long Enough

Go From Bratty to Behaved

Have less stress, a happier dog, a happier family and years of love and joy with your dog.


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