Great Dog Owners Consistently Do 5 Things - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

As a dog trainer going from client home to client home, I have begun to notice that great dog owners consistently and habitually do 5 very important things that give them good dogs.  This is something I felt was important and wanted to pass along to you.
From the moment they get their dog, great dog owners get involved in obedience training that helps their dog look to them for good leadership.  Each time their dog wants something, they at least get their dog to sit. This is also a way to keep the relationship with their dog in balance, in terms of “who is doing what for whom.” Patience and consistency in training are also keys to being a great dog owner.
In addition to training, plenty of playtime with your dog is also a good balance with training. Integrating playtime ( game of tug or fetch) intermittently with training is one great way to do this as it keeps dogs motivated.
Great dog owners recognize the value of exercise for their dog and the need their dog has to get out and explore with their nose. And, if carried through their senior years, moderate exercise can keep their joints and muscles in good shape to live longer, healthier lives. Take your dog to different places evenings and weekends to give them a change of scenery. They will look forward to this as it becomes a great expected routine in their lives.
I have always tried to teach the value of feeding dogs a high premium dog food. Great dog owners are aware of the ingredients in their dog food and choose brands that have no preservatives and no excess fillers such as corn or brewers rice.
And, the final practice of great dog owners is to successfully manage their dog’s behavior.  We’re not perfect and sometimes we find our dogs acting out as well. Great dog owners consistently redirect their dog’s inappropriate behavior to good behaviors for which they can praise their dog.
Think about each item above to see if you are already doing these things. If you are then pass this along to other dog owners you know. Maybe it will help them out. I hope this has been helpful. Above all, enjoy that great dog of yours.

Be as comfortable with the trainer of your dog as you are the teacher of your children, and remember “Opportunity Barks!”

Jim Burwell