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When you’re training your dog, do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut and think, “Training sits and downs using food treats is really boring?”
You can bet there’s a high likelihood that your dog is thinking the exact same thing. And he’s probably also thinking, “What’s the point?”

Fun Games For Great Dog Training!

In this video I talk about energizing your dog’s training, using Fun Games for Great Training
This makes training interesting for him. You must tap into his passion and make it fun, keep him focused on you. By that I mean honing in on what your dog really, really likes to do.
Think about what your dog’s passions really are!

Examples of Fun Games for Great Dog Training

IF he’s high energy, he would love agility. You could set up an inexpensive agility course in your home. (see video above)
Maybe you’ve noticed that your dog really loves to fetch. Get some sits and downs and really generate a lot more interest in doing those sits and downs and training with you because he gets to fetch. (see video above)

Maybe you noticed that your dog has a keen sense of smell. He loves to sniff and find things in the back yard, following these scents. Dog Training using scent search really fires up their brains.  Set up a scent trail and teach your dog to track and follow scent. Teach him to find toys in the house. Short runs at first, and them make them more complicated. (see video above)
Whether it’s in the house or whether you actually set it up in the back yard, your dog will have a blast trying to find where you hid his toy.

No Matter What Your Dog’s Passion – Use Fun Games for Training!

You’ll see that you’ll have his undivided attention on the obedience training that you want to make him a better mannered dog in the house —-if he knows that instead of getting a food treat, he’s going to do Fun Games with you!


Let’s face it. Food treats eventually get boring anyway. But finding and tapping into his passion will change his attitude about the value of obedience training.
Why? It gets him something that he really, really wants to do with you.
What might’ve been boring drudgery now is something that he really looks forward to every single day—working with you.
Now how cool is that, huh?


Let’s break down what you get by tapping into your dog’s passion and working obedience training as his gift to you for you sharing yourself in those games with him.

• It vastly improves your relationship with your dog.
• A fun way to train and exercise your dog. A tired dog’s a good dog.
• It improves his listening skills, because he’s gonna be a lot more focused on you.
• You also get a dog that is more willing to please you in all other aspects of your life, like manners in the home, manners outside in public, because you hold the key to his passion.
• So, find your dog’s passion. Let that be the reward for doing obedience training.
• Attitude is everything. It’s focused attention, it’s fun, it’s the relationship.
I hope you found this video interesting and that you can also find your dog’s passion to improve your obedience training with your dog, his attention, and focus on you.

And by the way, if you want to learn a little bit more about tracking and scent work, here’s a link to a video on my website that will give you more details on starting your tracking with your dog.

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