Fix your Leash Pulling Problem – 3 Tips

Leash Pulling Problem 3 Tips


The # 1 reason dog owners quit walking their dog is because their dog has a leash pulling problem.

Well actually, you, the dog owner has the leash pulling problem.

Your dog doesn’t care if he pulls you down the street or not. Just as long as he gets to that other dog he’s so interested in.

This is quite a lot of fun for your dog but stressful and embarrassing for you.

So if you are finally tired of complaining about your dog whining, barking and pulling just to meet the on-coming dog, this video is just for you.

First you have to understand: Your dog’s leash pulling is not his problem–it’s your problem

Quit blaming your dog and let’s get to work.

In this video I’m going to give you two options on handling your dog when other dogs approach and I’m going to give you 3 tips to fix the problem.

Here’s what we will go over:

  1. How and where to practice on your leash pulling problem
  2. How valuable your reward must be to train your dog on the leash pulling problem
  3. How to get close to dogs without your dog reacting!

Take my tips on fixing your dog leash pulling problem and soon enough you will once again be enjoying walks with your dog.



Please be sure to ask questions or make comments below. What you ask or say might just be the answer to someone else’s question. Your thoughts are important and I do read each and every comment that you leave.

Together We Can Raise A Happy and Obedient Dog

Jim Burwell, is Houston’s most respected dog trainer for 25+ years, serving over 10,000 clients. Jim takes the science of dog training and shows you how to make it work with your family and dog.

If you need more help to have a well behaved dog, here is the link I talk about in the video:

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  1. Jim Burwell
    Jim Burwell says:

    Shirley: couple of things to look at: How much structured exercise is she getting? Are you taking her on good long walks or are you letting her manage
    her own energy outside in the backyard. How bored is she? It very easy to do 3 or 4 fast (less than 2 minutes) rounds of obedience training with your dog throughout the
    day. How are you managing her intelligence. Does she have any “busy toys” where she has to figure out how to get the treat from inside? Is she anxious about anything?
    John Rogerson, a world renowned dog behaviorist always say” You cannot separate the dog’s behavior from it’s environment OR the behavior of it’s owners. Look at what
    is creating this problem in your dog, THEN go about fixing it.

  2. shirley
    shirley says:

    Jim, I have a 1 year old mixed breed..I think terrier and lab. She has an obsession with socks and shoes and has recently started chewing anything she can find, including the couch. This is done even when we are home and in another room. What causes this? How do I stop it?

  3. Laurie
    Laurie says:

    Thanks Jim, always enjoy reading your tips! My dog has an issue with loud cars. She was getting better and I thought we just about had it licked until last week. She started acting up again, so I guess I only thought she was over it. Maybe she wants the better treats again! Or my son is doing something different than me, now that I type this, I’m remembering he took her a couple of times for me.
    Anyway, thanks again.

  4. Jim Burwell
    Jim Burwell says:

    Jenny: Fixing dog behavior problems — even going crazy on leash “All begins with relationship….”
    Setting ground rules for your dogs in your home is your first step.

    GREAT article for you to read:

    I’d sit my scooter in my driveway and begin click/treating with a bag full of different high value food treats so they never know what to expect. Do this as people/dogs pass by. In other words don’t go mobile at first — just sit far enough away from passing distractions so that you can get sits — especially for these treats. Later you can take your show on the road.

  5. Jenny Smith
    Jenny Smith says:

    I have enjoyed and utilized your excellent suggestions. I have two 22lb rescue Miniature Schnauzers. I am on a scooter and find it murder to take them with me on a walk. I have obedience trained them, and they do reasonably well, one at a time. Two go nuts! Leash round back tire, crossing in front of me, etcetera. I cannot keep them too close, in case I run over them. Help?

  6. Jim Burwell
    Jim Burwell says:

    Elissa: Thank you! You just made my day. I am always so happy when folks take my suggestions and put them into place. Then to top that off you’ve had great
    success with your training.


  7. Elissa
    Elissa says:

    Hi, Jim. Thank you so much for sharing your passion and knowledge about dog training with all of us. I have a 9 month, 80+ pound rescue and incorporated your suggestions about making every interaction a training opportunity, but to always have fun! I have been rewarded with a well-mannered puppy that folks can’t believe is a puppy – not only because of his size, but his great behavior.
    I am always happy to get a new “nibble” of information from you and find it to be relevant, informative and entertaining. Thank you and keep up the great work!

  8. Jim Burwell
    Jim Burwell says:

    Hi Sandra:

    First thing I would check is what food are you feeding her. If it’s something like puppy chow—switch to a high quality food. If you have the leash
    on her and in your hand,she can not run off. If you have her on leash, then you have control of your dog. Put the leash on her while she’s in the crate.

    In my Nose to Tail Puppy Training DVD I talk about the critical importance and usefulness of having your puppy on a leash, what to feed, how to crate train, obedience train, walk on a leash
    potty training and more

    You can find that here:

  9. Jim Burwell
    Jim Burwell says:

    Al: If you haven’t started obedience, try focusing on just a well-disciplined sit at a successful distance away from other dogs – just like I recommend in the video.
    If she can’t handle that yet, begin at home. It would also be to your advantage to begin to put structure in your dog’s life as I talk about in this following article:

    Setting ground rules for your dog is the beginning of getting your dog under control.

  10. Sandra Robison
    Sandra Robison says:

    Jim, my puppy is 10 weeks, she can sit but not stay yet. The problem I have with leash training is as soon as I put it on her she goes crazy rolling over and over with it in her mouth or takes off running with it in her mouth, falls down and gets so worked up she gets crazy. How can I begin with her?

  11. Charlie Davidson
    Charlie Davidson says:

    Hi Jim. Buddy is doing pretty good in most areas except sleeping all nite in his crate/sleep area He wakes up screaming an howling every night until I become so frustrated that I let him out of his room
    And into mine to sleep quietly for the rest of the night. Problem is hubby is not happy with that situation. What/how do I get buddy to sleep in his crate/sleep area all night?

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