Dogs are Smart and Funny

Some dogs are smart. Some dogs are funny. But our dogs are smart and funny – especially Sammy. I would even stretch it to say, “He’s conniving!”

I wanted to share this with you for a couple of reasons. One is that we get asked constantly, “I’ll bet your dogs are perfect, right?” The other reason is that I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the things our family dogs do.

Now the answer to the question of do we have perfect dogs—is a resounding “NO”. They are good, maybe even great dogs, but they are not perfect. How boring would that be!

Our dogs are great dogs because we’ve set the ground rules at our house and for the most part all the dogs are very good with that. We’ve been blessed with no particular dog behavior problems. But Sammy did something the other day where he was trying to push my buttons.

Before I start this story I’ve got tell you the “routine” Sammy and I have. Every night when I finish dog training and I’ve pulled in the driveway, I come in the front door and Sammy greets me at the door with a Kong toy hanging off his right canine tooth. It’s never the left side – always the right side.

Anyway, he knows I have left-over lamb loaf treats in my treat bag and he wants me to stuff his Kong. Never mind Sophie and Cooper, Sammy is all about “the stuffed kong business”.

I typically take the Kong toy and set it on the kitchen counter and ask Sammy to “Place” on his doggie bed. We do it so frequently now that once I take his Kong toy he automatically goes to his bed! 

Next I get his rope toy we call his “Trade” and I hide it in one of the bedrooms. I come back and send Sammy off his bed to find his Trade. Sammy finishes our routine by promptly bringing the rope toy to me in the kitchen where I have stuffed his Kong toy and we trade! He gets the Kong and I get the rope toy for the next time.

Well, needless to say, we still have two more disappointed doggies wanting Kong toys as well. So I stuff two more Kong toys for the little ones.

So here’s the funny thing that Sammy did the other day (my day off) as I was sitting in my office talking to Leila. It’s funny, smart – and thoughtful!

I had my cell phone out getting ready to take a picture of Sophie – when all of a sudden here trotted Sammy with his Kong toy hanging off his right canine tooth as usual. But this time he was working the deal between Leila and I – trying to get one of us suckered up to stuff his Kong toy.

I decided, “Turn-about is fair play” so as he headed to Leila, I called him to me and asked him to give me the Kong toy (which he obligingly did) and gave me a sit.

Now here’s the funny part. As I was getting up to go stuff Sammy’s Kong, without any prompting he runs out of the office and returns in 3 seconds with a second Kong.

Well, I was thinking he was an over-achiever until he took off again – without being prompted and returned with a third Kong. I would like to think he was being thoughtful – thinking of his two siblings. Or, did he want them all for himself?

So tell me below, what goofy things do your dogs do?

Take a look below – I got it all on video!


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