Your Dog. What One Word Best Describes Your Dog

“What’s one word that best describes your dog?” That’s a question I asked a few days ago on my Facebook PAGE and we got a wonderful range of responses – everything from funny to seriously touching.

It’s fun to look at your dog, pondering the “one” perfect word that best describes your dog, what that one word would be – right at that moment.

It occurred to me that having asked Facebook followers to pick one word to best describe their dog, I (that is Leila and I) didn’t share our one word for our dogs. So I wanted to share that with you in this blog AND encourage you to comment below with the one word to describe YOU dog!

After our “word exchange” for each of our dogs, we discovered we couldn’t agree on the same word for each of our dogs. So we each thought of our own words for Sammy, Sophie and Cooper.  Here’s what we came up with.


Leila: Sammy/Courageous 

Not only is he smart, loving and funny but I know Sammy would protect me at all costs. He demonstrated this when we were walking and 2 HUGE dogs busted out of their yard and came after us. Sammy was in front of me barking and lunging to keep them away. Sammy kept me safe until help came. Thankfully 2 yard men quickly came to our rescue with weed eaters buzzing and hedge clippers aimed and ready!  I adore this dog.

Jim: Sammy/Smart

I chose the word SMART because from the day we got Sammy at 8 weeks he learned his obedience quickly and …. always seemed to master things quickly like tracking when we play “hide and seek”  to find Leila, no matter where she hides in the neighborhood, solving doggie puzzles in under 5 minutes, signaling me and showing me where anything is in the house “that he wants,” and the list goes on. Sammy is a pleaser and he is SMART.


Your Dog -A One Word Description

Leila:  Sophie /Spitfire.

Sophie is always first to try anything and everything. She’ll go up to anyone and look up at them to say “hey I’m down here! You need to notice me!” She’s always out in front of me when we do our 2 mile walk – looking back occasionally to make sure I’m still there. Loves to meet new people and dogs on walks. And when she gets groomed – she preens saying: I Look Good!

Jim:  Sophie/Independent

I chose the word INDEPENDENT because she is very much “her own woman.” She’s an out-in-front, I’ll-show-you-the-way kind of girl. Sophie doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet. She’s in charge of getting everyone up in the morning – pitter pattering around every morning as if to say, “Rise and shine-it’s time to get up.” Or maybe she really means, “I’m hungry!”


Your Dog: A One Word Description

Leila: Cooper / Independent.

He’s had to be, as he lived on the streets of downtown Houston his entire life till we rescued him 5 years ago. He loves living with us but he maintains some of his solitary lifestyle as he will be in the bedroom on his bed a lot during the day coming out periodically to join the other dogs and me during the day. He does not require or like a lot of cuddling, he’s just his own dog.

Jim:  Cooper/Private

The word I chose for Cooper is PRIVATE. Most every one that has known us for a while knows the story of Cooper, a/k/a, “3-Legs,” left behind by a family to survive on his own with a busted leg. Now rescued off the streets of Houston and living comfortably with us for a number of years, he prefers spending most of his time alone in our master bedroom on his bed. He will definitely come out for food, cookies, Kong stuffing opportunities, walks and occasionally socialize with the rest of the pack. But interestingly he prefers “self-time” alone on his bed. When he does come out to visit, he always returns to his bed, taking something with him as he goes; a sock of Leila’s, a twig, a leaf, an empty Kong, kleenex or anything else he might come across.

We get a chuckle every night as we clean out his bed – littered with stuff – so that he can start the collecting all over again the next day. Nothing is ever damaged. It’s just neatly placed on his bed; probably a carry-over from his days on the streets. 

So tell us below.  What one word describes your dog? “No Cheating!”  🙂

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