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My Dog Will Not Come When Called – Even With Practice



That’s exactly what the email said: Even with practice, their dog won’t come when called.

In this video I’m going to tell you why their dog won’t come when called and what the simple fix was.

It might help you out with your dog as well. Plus, I’m going to give you another tip on how to develop a really fast come when called command.

So as it turns out, their dog was fence fighting with the two dogs on the other side of the fence in the neighbor’s yard.

Their practice had been back and forth recalls.   Not on leash in the backyard.

Nothing was  done on a leash or long line OR around those other dogs as a distraction.

How to Reinforce the Command: Come When Called

That was the critical missing link.   If their dog was on  a long line and around those other dogs,  they could get good recalls off the back fence.

They needed to be able to reinforce the come command

As a side note, if your dog is prone to fence fighting and bark at dogs on the other side of the fence, don’t set your dog up to fail.

Don’t allow that behavior at all.

Don’t send your dog out unsupervised with the other dogs out there. When  you’re working your dog in the backyard on recalls, don’t work too close to the distraction (the dogs at the fence or other distraction).

Practice at a successful distance first and then as you have success, simply get closer and closer to the distraction and set your expectations a little higher.

Get a faster Come When Called

In the video you’ll see we taught Keeper to go to his place, outside, using  his placemat outside .

We’re using that to send him to outside so that I can call him back, with a recall like in the video and get a quick response.

Send him out, get a quick response on the recall as he’s going to the mat and we start off with short distances at first and then extend the length.

Starting Your Come When Called with Success

Now I know, what you’re thinking, “I got to teach my dog to go to his place before I can do this new tip that you showed me?” Nah, here’s a good workaround for you.

If you’ve got an extra person  you can work on recalls back and forth between you and that person with your dog.   Then when you call your dog to you, praise, treat, and then as your dog gets called back to this person and before your dog gets too far away from you, call your dog back to you.

The whole point is this person gets your dog to leave you so that you can do a fast recall.

Do a sudden, turnaround recall back to you, close at first and then extend the distance so that your dog is more reliable at a greater distance away from you on that turnaround.

Well, there you have it folks. Now, if you like this video and you think it could help you, like it, share it, pass it around, don’t keep it a secret. The other thing is if you need more instructions on just the basics of the come command or the recall, click on the link above. It’ll take you to a vlog, I think is what you call it, on my website. It’s a video on the basics of the recall and that’ll help you out with the basics before you get to more distraction training on your recall.